Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I got the news

Yup its a boy!

I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed at first. I so wanted to buy pretty dresses and hair accessories. But hey, he's healthy and moving around in there like crazy. The ultrasound lady was having a hard time getting all the measurements because he was doing summer salts. I watched him on the screen trying to reach out and touch his toes. It was super cute! I got the fussy picture to prove it!

I have come to realize this is a great thing! I can bring out all my fav out fits of Evan's for a second go around, Evan will have a brother to play rough and tumble with. Plus the added bonus that all the toys we have will be appropriate. It will be a huge money saver! Not that the new baby will never get new stuff, but for the early years is he really going to care?

Now I'm going to start looking at boy names again. I'm super excited now! It's more real, I can name him before he's here, start planning his room, and the changes in Evan's room as well.

Well that's really all my news. Have a good one ladies. There's another boy on the way to add to the gang.


Annieann77 said...

Yeah - for finding out that he is healthy but I also was hoping for team pink!! Now you will really be out numbered!! ;)

Jordanna said...

Hooray - so exciting...

and Hudson and baby #2 will only be like six months apart!! that's fun too!

It's almost like being pregnant together?