Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The yard is done! Well done enough for this year anyway. The gardens are in, the play area is done, the patio is in. Oh the relief!
We still have some finishing touches to do. Like bringing in some soil and over seeding the back lawn a little. As you can see from the picture some of the sod didn't take. But if we don't do that till the spring so be it. I'm tired of yard work. I think we've done enough.
Dispit some finishing touches I'm loving it! Evan can ride his bikes on the patio with plenty of space to turn around. (I'm hoping he learns to steer soon, or my flowers are going to take a beating.) I love it, love it, love it! Its great now but next year I'm sure it will be super handy. Evan can run of some steam and I can care for number 2 with all the amenities I need right there. I don't have to go to the park! I don't have to change into jeans if I don't want to!
Speaking of jeans. GRRRRR! My size 15's are feeling a little tight already! Yup already! I'm not even that far along and my tummy is getting hard! I guess all those sit ups for the last two years really didn't do much. I noticed this and made the mistake of stepping on the scale. GRRR I'm no longer in 1 under land. I had a little moment and excepted the fact that I am preggers and yup I'm not going to like what I see on the scale for about the next year.
I am eating healthy with a couple of treats here and there. Earl's birthday dinner was at Montana's but I had the salmon, with steamed veggies and a backed potato. I thought I made a good choice. After that was the birthday cake, which is one of my many weaknesses. This weekend will be a write off too, Earl's b-day BBQ. Cake, chips, hamburgers, hot dogs, veggis, maybe some fruit is on the menu. I'm going to try to stay out of the chips at least. But I may just have to partake, it's been a while. I kind of miss chips.
Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Due date changed

When I said May15th I was just guessing. Well I went on line to a due date calculator and it seems I was off by 10 days. According to the calculator my due date is May 6th. So there you have it! May 6th it is.

Now that I reflect on it I'm glad we didn't wait to get peggers in the winter for the following reasons.

1. New born in the middle of winter, bundle them up, freeze lungs etc. etc.

2. If my sister's family and us get together in May we can celebrate new baby and Avleen's birthdays together which would be fun.

3. Okay I just couldn't wait any longer. That's probly my #1 reason.

I had super vivid dreams last night. I remember only small parts but I dreamed I was having a girl. I have had dreams about 2 blond boys before too so I'm not going to let this get in my head. But I am really hoping for a pink one this time. lol.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies!

Monday, September 15, 2008


OMG my body is producing oil! I'm breaking out! My hair always feels dirty! My skin feels slick! I know, I know gross, but true.

That said, I got my first bout of heart burn last night. Between Evan being awake from 1-3 and my heart burn I'm feeling rather tired and yup super grumpy.

Our new garage is now half shingled. Earl should be home from work early and hopefully him and Tracy and finish the job in the next few days. Which means we can move on to finishing up the brick. The end is so near I can taste it! Have I said I can't wait for it to be done? I must have. lol

Oh Happy B-day Leanne!

That's it for me. Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I finally got my garden!

Well now that the garage has a roof and 4 walls Earl was able to move on to other things! I finally got my dirt! I know, I know it sounds funny but one can't have a garden with out dirt. We also finally started laying some brick! It's starting to look so great! Exactly what I wanted, a cute cottage garden. Like old England with a modern twist.
I got to plant the perennials I got on sale before they froze and I also got to plant some bulbs for the very first time! I can't wait till spring when my dwarf irises, daffodils, crocus, 20 tulips and last but not least 4 bearded iris's all in different colours pop up out of the dirt. The bearded irises get to be about 34" tall! With huge blooms almost 6" across. Like the picture above. I got two pinkish ones, a purple and white one and a black one! I know, I know, I'm weird, but flowers bring me such joy. I think I spent a lot of time in the gardens Sylvia Brown says are on the other side, seeing things grow, and plants in general give me a sense of peace. To bad my job turned to crap, I did enjoy the plant part of it.
Not to much on the preggy front. I'm watching my diet. Eating tones of veggi's, protean, and making sure I get the 3 servings of V-C a day. Not to mention taking my pre N Vitamin. I'm still super tired most of the time, so I've been napping when Evan does. I cleaned the whole top floor of the house this morning and I felt like I just ran a marathon! My tummy sounded like a T-Rex. I made sure Evan and I went outside for an hour. One because it was a gorgeous day and two because that fresh air seems to tucker him out faster. There are so few days left that are good for out side play, I'm going to enjoy it before the long, boring, cooped up winter starts. I hope it doesn't rain tonight so I can take Evan to the park first thing in the morning.
Well that's it for me ladies. Have a good Thurs!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Differences 1st month

I thought that I would post some notes on the differences between the two pregnancies so far.
1. No heart burn-nota, nothing, I hope this continues. I practically lived on TUMS last time.
2. I'm feeling way grouchier. Maybe that has nothing to do with peanut and more to do with dealing with an Evan, an Earl and all the work yet to be done outside. I guess we'll see.
3. Very, very, very tired. I guess the second child really does cut into the napping opportunities. Oh and there's the second child waking up 3 times during the night. That may have something to do with it. lol.
4. I'm eating like a horse! I don't remember being this hungry before, but I could be wrong. Or I'm eating more healthy this time. I sware to God salad is less filling then that juicy cheese burger.
5. No cravings my butt. Silly book. But at least I was craving something that's better then ice cream. For some reason I really wanted beef jerky. Weird. I don't even like beef jerky! Chewy meat! wrong! but oh so good!
6. So far no nausea or morning sickness but I don't think I've quite hit that point yet. I only had it for a week or so with Evan, I'm really hopping that will repeat this time.
Well that's it for me today.
Have a good one ladies.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


My life is once again like this picture a tranquil garden. Well until tomorrow when Evan wakes up (it's 12:40am) Earl bangs on the garage and tells me he's riping boards off the deck today, the dogs get into the garbage again, the cats cry for food, the laundry baskets get full, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, my tummy does the crappy thing, and my hormones take off with my brain again causing me to cry for no reason, etc, etc, etc. But despite all that daily crap it's ten times better knowing I will never have to deal with that job again. I guess we'll see where the next opening door leads me. I'm hoping to a clean job, but I'm not going to eliminate plant related jobs all together. I truly felt at peace there. I must have been a farmer in another life or something.

I talked to Earl and reminded him of his past job quiting/firing transgressions. I convinced him to agree. Especially after I said I didn't care if he bought a massive truck as long as he didn't make me go back there ever again. He was joking, I was however not! He knew I was serious. He agreed and I quite!

It was like a brick wall was lifted off my shoulders. No more job stress, no more dread for my next shift, no more pressure. Well, except the actual telling work part.

I wrote a letter explaining my decision and Earl drove me. I walked into the green house Jo (Joeanne) and Marlynne where there, 2 of the ppl I loved the most. I explained and they understood. All three of us had a bitch session right there in the Green House. I'm hoping someone in that store steps up to the plate and verbally slaps that stupid man! I tried to do it in my letter but I can't be outright bitchy. I think I got my point across in a professional manor. I can only hope that having it in writing will help them see there's a big issue. But as if they didn't know, it's apparent even to the customers! Jo volunteered happily to deliver my letters to both my team lead and the store manager. I love Jo, lol, she's wonderfully rough around the edges. There was hugs, goodbyes and good lucks. It felt good that I could tell them in person and that they understood my reason for leaving.

Well that's it for me today. I'll be there Sat! I'm looking forward to it! Leanne I'll bring those cloths for you

Wow I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I woke and was thinking about how I was dreading going to work all weekend. I work with Breaden on Sat (which I don't want to go since there's a fun event that day) so that's really the only thing I'm looking forward too. I'm all alone on Fri night, Sat after 3:30pm (I work until 8!) Then Sunday I work with a worthless girl I really don't like-that's if she doesn't call in sick. This job is really starting to wear on me. The store is run like crap, the staff is unhappy and the manager is either too stupid to realize there's a problem or is doing nothing to fix it.

Grrrrrrr! I might just quite! But what am I going to do other wise. I may talk to Earl and just quite without notice. They treat us like crap! Why shouldn't I treat them the same. The only thing that sucks about it is I'll be putting the 2 people I do like in the position of working alone. That's my main complaint, it makes the job soooo stressful. I should be trying to eliminate stress not add to it. I dread going to work, the thought of going made me grumpy before I had added hormones. I work alone all the time its either lonely and boring or stressful and way to busy for one person to handle! I sometimes cover up to 3 sections, 2 of which I have never been trained for. I don't know jack about leaf blowers, BBQ's, and weed eaters. I know even less about wiring, breaker boxes and yes even light bulbs! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!! How am I supposed to be helping these people! (beep-beep-beepen Manager open your eyes!)

I guess those jobs are a dime a dozen still. I could probably have another job in a week tops. Maybe at a clothing store? Something less dirty? Less lifting? Less chemicals and dust flouting around the air? I don't know. I guess I'll talk to Earl and look around. I may see you Sat.

I really want to see you ladies! I miss you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog!

As you all know I am currently preggers with my second child.

I may not be writing much, but I needed an outlet to voice my concerns and probably just my wonderings.

Despite the fact that I've done this all before I find myself having the same concerns as before along with some new ones:

1. Evan is so perfect! Could this baby end up being the opposite of that?
2. How am I going to juggle 2 kids?
3. How am I going to deal with a 2 year old and preggy hormones all at the same time! We all know how crazy emotional I am to begin with!
4. My job is so much more physical and stressful then the last one, how much longer am I going to be able to work there?
5. I really don't want to get all fat again, I've worked so heard!

That's it I'm going to make charts, follow the diet instructions in my books.
I'm only going to have 2 cups of coffee a day.
I'm going to take some time for me! I haven't been out on my own with out Earl or Evan for Months! It's time to put my foot down once again. But there is so much to do! Finish the yard, put in the flooring, move Evan to a big boy bed, finish potty training, move Evan to the next room and repaint his old room! Think Pink Everyone!

That's just an over view. My mind is swimming with questions, with thoughts. I'm hoping my book will give me some answers but it's heard to find the time to read. I'm on the diet part of the book now. I'm going to formulate a plan, and try to stick with it. The book says that cravings aren't going to happen as bad this time round. I only had 1 or 2 cravings with Evan so here's hoping my body skips that calorie fest all together.

Well that's all for me today. Come back soon!