Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I got the news

Yup its a boy!

I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed at first. I so wanted to buy pretty dresses and hair accessories. But hey, he's healthy and moving around in there like crazy. The ultrasound lady was having a hard time getting all the measurements because he was doing summer salts. I watched him on the screen trying to reach out and touch his toes. It was super cute! I got the fussy picture to prove it!

I have come to realize this is a great thing! I can bring out all my fav out fits of Evan's for a second go around, Evan will have a brother to play rough and tumble with. Plus the added bonus that all the toys we have will be appropriate. It will be a huge money saver! Not that the new baby will never get new stuff, but for the early years is he really going to care?

Now I'm going to start looking at boy names again. I'm super excited now! It's more real, I can name him before he's here, start planning his room, and the changes in Evan's room as well.

Well that's really all my news. Have a good one ladies. There's another boy on the way to add to the gang.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I found a weakness

I have found a way to make Evan listen!
I've found the weakness, now it's time to exploit it!

Simple right but I was surprised at how well it works? He doesn't listen...take away a toy. He doesn't do as he's told...take away a toy. It's got to be a big one of course, a favorite. His Dodge dancing truck, his bike, his Thomus train stuff, his Cars, cars etc.

So far he's helped clean his play room. Stayed in the yard and not gone out the front door. (I took away his bike for the day for that one, so far no more making a brake for it.

Today we started the no holds bard potty training. He's in big boy underpants (super cute) no more pull-ups until bed time. I'm just dealing with the laundry. Since Earl's off work this week there's an extra set of eyes and ears, so I thought it was a good week to really work at it. It simply means bringing extra cloths everywhere we go, along with a safeway bag for peepee cloths of course. So far today he hasn't gone on the potty, but he tells us he's wet, so at least he's uncomfortable enough to not want to do it again, and again, and again.

We now had to offer money (pennies) as a reward. He loves dropping coins into his piggy bank, so we thought we would give that a try to motivate him. I'm planning on giving him a plastic baggy for his back pack so that when we're out he can put his pennies in the baggy and load them when we get home.

Well that's really all my news. I'll keep you updated on my potty and discipline battle.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Christmas Tree?

Why a picture of a Christmas Tree in June?!?!
Well I have Christmas on my mind since yesterday.
I goofed. During my ultrasound yesterday I was told my baby is only at 13 weeks! So that moves my due date to good old Dec 26! Yup, I'm going to be fat, grumpy, and tired right when jolly old Santa should be sliding down our chimney to deliver his presents.
Oh well what will be will be. The ultra sound went great! The new clinic in St A was fantastic! The ppl where so nice, they where super quick too. I was there for maybe a total of 25 min! I couldn't see the sex of the baby of course since I wasn't at the 15 weeks I thought I was. My next appointment is on Aug 4th, so here's hoping that baby decides to be in the right position for a peek. Lavender or Blue paint. I just need to know!
Well that's it for me today, have a good one ladies.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The new Doc

Well I had my first doctors appointment on Tues. I'm sorry I didn't write sooner but Earl has been off all week, so things have been busy.

Okay he's old, like really old, with a slit British or maybe Australian accent. He also has a student Doctor with him right now and he was nice. The only bad thing is its two men looking up my tulip instead of just one, oh and at the same time too. Yup, that's one to many if you ask me.

I heard babies heart beat for the first time which does prove once and for all that there is in fact a baby in there. It's seems do be doing very well since it's heart is beating and I've already has some bubble type feelings (movement) or maybe it was gas, oh well I'm going to call it movement. Dr Haskins said my odds for a miscarriage are down to like 2 percent now that there is an established heart beat, so that was a load off my mind.

He was also very good at telling me what to expect. He said expect a more jiggly tummy then before. (I kind of knew that one) Expect more discharge (sorry gross I know) Expect more hip and back pain (Yup I've felt that one) Also expect more tummy pain, even when you roll over in bed you will experience more stabbing like pains. (That was a good one to hear, because I was wondering about it.)

There is also a new question this time around. Does your family have a history of Heart Disease, Diabetes blah, blah, blah. Have you had chicken pox? Are you taking your vitamins? Is there any chance you are related to your babies father? WHAT! I had to repeat the question to make sure I heard him right. I guess there's more incest going on these days...weird...gross...weird.

Well that's it for me today. I have my first ultra sound on Tues, then another on July 20th...ish. I'll keep you posted.

Have a good one ladies.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The ball is finally rolling

Well to my dismay Dr Coe is retiring and not taking any more patients. This sucks! So I went to my family Doctor for a new referral. Apparently there isn't a single Doctor in St A taking new patents right now. This sucks. So Dr A is hooking me up with his professor! At least I'll know he knows what he's doing! The biggest problem with this is he's out of the Hias center in Edmonton (near kingsway). Which means I'll have to deliver at the alec! That sucks! But oh well, what ever gets the baby out safely I guess. We'll just have to be more carful about timing this time.

I've been feeling much better lately. My nausea is almost gone now only a little around 4pm still. My back feels ten millions times better. It seems that peanut has decided to end the torcher for a time. I' still rather tired but that's to be expected.

My sister is set to arrive in under 2 weeks! I'm super excited! I can't wait to meet Avleen for the first time! Not to mention my uncle who is supposed to be coming at the same time. I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OMG! It's the Devil

Yup this baby is the spawn of Satan! (well not really) but OMG I'm getting every symptom of being pregnant.
I'm nauseous at least 3 times a day!
I'm tired all the time
My ass back is hurting aready!
My nipples still hurt when touched by even my shirt! Let alone my hubby! TMFI?... sorry ladies.
I got the heart burn me and tums are once again best buds.
I feel dehydrated but if I drink to much water I feel bloated!
I'm beyond grumpy almost to crazy!
I hope this is only a first trimester thing. I don't know if I can handle this for another 6 months.
I guess it really is true that every pregnancy is different. This one is a heck of a lot harder then the last. Part of that is having to care for the 1st one while one feels like crap. I'm sure that's part of the tired part.
Oh well, I guess it all leads to something wonderful. Maybe this one is a girl? My sister said that she was sick and tired for her second one. But then again that could be the whole second child theory too. All we can do is think pink!
I'll keep you posted. I'm really trying not to complain to much, but I really do feel like crap.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

Morning sickness my ASS!
This peanut is giving me nauseousness morning, noon, and night! I do mean this literally.
I'm sick in the morning when I wake up, I'm sick again around 1pm, then again around 10pm! It's horrible!
With Evan I was sick when I woke up, a got it out of my system then I was fine for the rest of the day! I'll take that again please, please?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Scary Spots

Okay so on Sat morning I awoke to spots.
I feeked out a little inside as the day progressed and I prayed and willed it to just STOP!
During my pregnancy with Evan I had several spotting days. But this time I'm more aware of what they could lead to. I was blissfully unaware to the dangers that lay head.
Anyway I continued to pray and will all day at work, I took it as easy as I could. Placing myself at the till as to not be stuck carrying heavy food bags or lifting at all. I was super wussy all day long but I made it through my shift. We went to go see Jordanna at the hospital and my dad afterward. When we got home I checked again and the spotting wasn't getting any worse, but it wasn't totally gone either. I did my best to sleep, but found myself worrying to much, I slept like crap.
The next morning on Sunday I got up and checked right away. Nothing. No spots, nothing.
I breathed a huge sigh of relief! Few! Maybe God is going to let me keep this one.
Luv ya ladies!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good News, Bad Fears

Okay so as we all know I miscarried the last number 2 child. It was very hard and scary to try again, and frankly I'm still freaked that it will happen again. I didn't want to let myself got to emotionally involved until this morning when I got my first bout of morning sickness. Not that I wasn't taking care of myself, its not like I went out and had a Margaretta. I'm still scared to get my hopes up, too scared to start thinking of names or looking at baby stuff. I'm so scared it will hurt even more this time if the worst should happen.

I am going to say that in the 11 weeks of the last pregnancy I didn't feel any symptoms. No tender boobies, no morning sickness. I just got the grumpies, oily skin and a lot of cramping. This time I'm getting all the normal ones! I'm peeing like crazy, I swear my nipples are going to fall off, and well as explained I got the sickness. So I guess that gives me the hope that all is as it should be, despite my discomfort, it comforting to know my body is doing what it should.

I'm at about 7 weeks with a due date of about Dec 14th.

Well that's it for me today. Have a good one ladies.

Oh Jordanna, if you read this before I get a chance to tell you I'm sorry, but I figured you had enough on your plate right now. I thought I'd keep it on the down low.

I love you ladies.